Tablescape No.1


Dining Table
Side Table
End Table
Wall Surface

Material Options:

Hard Rock Maple
Mahognay & Black Lacquer
Blue Mahoe


Dining Table
W 58 D 90 H 32
Hard Rock Maple (Shown)

Coffee Table
W 28 D 42 H 18
Blue Mahoe (Shown)
Mahogany & Black Lacquer

End Table
W 14 D 21 H 22
Corian (Shown)

Blurring the lines of Art and Design

The Tablescape is a remarkable work of creativity that epotimizes a balance of art and design at the highest level. Once thought a tool of mass production the CNC has been transformed into tool that carries subtlties in gestures just as the pencil has for so many years. The tablescape design took 3 months to produce and over 100 hours of hand sanding to remove every tool mark.

"The design itself evokes everything from a topographical map to a Georgia O'Keeffe painting, from Lucio Fontana's slit canvases to a fantastical door.  " - excerpt from Core77 article


Tablescape N0. 1 Coffee Table- Blue Mahoe

This table is made from Mahoe, (Talipariti elatum) which is sustainably grown and harvested in Puerto Rico.
Established in 1983, Tropic Ventures Rainforest Enrichment and Sustainable Forestry Project is a demonstration project for those interested in the sustainable management and preservation of tropical rainforest land.

230 acres of the 1000-acre property have been planted with over 40,000 native and exotic hardwood trees with extremely promising results, and since 2004 experimental selective thinnings have been carried out, and beautiful mahoe wood milled and dried onsite. As part of Tropic Ventures’ ongoing sustainable forestry program, more Puerto Rican native hardwood trees are being planted at the project.

This piece was privately sponsored as a way to bring visibility to the work being carried out at eyeontherainforest.org , which sells the wood as a way to help fund their project of research, protection, and enrichment of the rain forest. 10% of the profits will go to this organization.

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