Brooke M Davis Design blurs the line between artisan and designer by combining artistic expression with design precision to produce luxury craftsmanship.  The process involves coupling mass production techniques like computer aided design with hands on master craftsmanship to create in new and exciting designs. With individuality in mind, this process allows for ease of customization at the client’s request. 

The collections range from one of a kind art to limited run production pieces. With high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail every piece is made to order with you in mind. We work with individual clients, interior designers, and architects to offer a variety of services to meet your innovative project needs. We specialize in utilizing mass production techniques to solve unique aesthetic problems. Specialties include limited run CNC production, industrial design, furniture design, and custom architectural installations. 


Design + The Hand Crafted Process

Fine craftsmanship comes from getting your hands dirty. When concepting a piece, the feel of the work is integral to the design. I often work through my designs by going back and forth between sculpting in clay, digitally modeling in the computer , and prototyping with a CNC machine until the design is finalized.